What can do HIDEGAR láser for you ?

These are all services that we offer. From conventional laser cutting to more detailed cut.

Laser cutting

The most precise cutting

Cutting stainless and carbon steel

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Metal folding

Shape metal parts without cutting

Folding rod, tube, sheet...

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Superficial treatment

provides the result that requires each application

Blued, galvanizing and painting

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Complementary technique to welding

Edge preparation for welding

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Plasma cutting

Very versatile and fast cutting of metals

Gas and electric arc cutting

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The material does not undergo thermal changes

Pressure water cutting

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Laser tube

Machining Court for processing pipeline

Holes, complex contours and custom cuts

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High definition plasma

Finishes accurate plasma

More accurately than conventional plasma cutting


Bonding metal parts

Electric welding

Machining of pieces

We machine metal parts for your project

Machined parts according to the project


Labeling of parts depending on your project

We label metal parts according to project

Why choose us?

  • Wide range of services
  • Quality and good finished products factory
  • Our ongoing effort to improve the process and industrial development
  • Experience gained over the years
  • Competitive prices
  • Personalized service to our customers

About Hidegar Laser

Our experience over the years with the variety of machines at our disposal, we possible to tackle the most complex jobs with all the guarantees of success.

The number of laser cutting machines Co2 3000 and 4000 W. 3000mm x 1500mm format 4000mm x 2000mm and allows us to cut carbon steel up to 25 mm, stainless steel and aluminum up to 15 mm to 10 mm.

HIDEGAR Laser has a production capacity of more than monthly 200Tonnes .

Fast, productive and profitable

Láser es sinónimo de calidad y precisión, con capacidad de realizar trabajos donde otros sistemas de corte no pueden llegar.
Para materiales como el aluminio, acero inoxidable, etc. de espesores hasta 15mm, el corte es más rápido que otros métodos de corte.

Highest quality cuts

No contact between tool and workpiece, and the possibility of buckling or bending of the material or of faults, occurring tear and wear is reduced because the laser systems have very little affected by the heat with respect to other thermal cut area.

No impurities generated

As thermal nature, since no chip generates material removal is effected by melting and vaporization.
Generate complex cuts and permanently recorded that is not erased by time and have excellent quality and precision.

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