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Hidegar laser  has the highest technology

To provide the best service  with the best quality.

Corte láser

Laser cutting

High precision metal low and medium thickness cuts, ideal for complex cuts.


Metal folding

Shapes the metal parts without cutting, separating or weld the metal.

Tratamiento superficial

Surface Treatment

Bluing processes, zinc plated, painting and coloring coating of metal parts.



Metal cutting medium and high thickness range above 5mm.

Corte por plasma

Plasma cutting

To make cuts up to 30mm thick, faster than oxyfuel.

Corte por agua


Cut does not cause any alteration in the thermal metal.

Laser tube

Laser tube

Making cuts, holes and complex contours in tubular surfaces.

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Advantages of working with us


  • Top Technology

  • High quality cutting

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Own national transport

  • Versatility

  • Expert Staff

  • Optimum results

  • Cost effective and reliable

  • Metalwork

  • Labeling

  • Layout

  • Machinery and Tools

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