Laser tube service

In the field of metallurgy, specifically in the activity of cutting metal parts laser, the market demands a millimeter and perfect finish. The tradition has given way to the more precise technology. The customer knows what you want and why choose us.

What is laser tube?

  • This is cutting machining which optimizes the processing of tubes.
  • Allows complex holes and contours well as cutting pipes in any geometry lowering costs regarding ways to cut more outdated as stamping or punching.
  • Hidegar laser, the laser cut tube is used for any type of tubular construction.
Corte láser tubo

We care about the environment

The material melts and evaporates without generating waste

High quality cuts

No contact between tool and workpiece, and failures, breakage or wear are avoided.

Fast, productive and profitable

The laser allows jobs where other cutting systems can not reach.

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