Waterjet service

In the field of metallurgy, specifically in the activity of cutting metal parts laser, the market demands a millimeter and perfect finish. The tradition has given way to the more precise technology. The customer knows what you want and why choose us.

What’s the waterjet?

  • It’s the use of pressurized water for cutting .
  • In the process, the hydraulic system is responsible for increasing the water pressure by an electric motor with a multiplier piston. Thus, the water pump with water enhancers, force to the cutting head to the water out through a small hole with a diameter of about a tenth of a millimeter high pressure and it allows cut different metallic materials.
  • Sometimes, water is mixed with an abrasive liquid which increases the cutting capacity.
  • Unlike other processes, in the water cutting, the metallic materials haven’t specific thermal alteration, favoring the subsequent welding processes. In addition , applications are limitless allowing cut both metallic materials such as textiles.
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