In recent years we have seen how the reality of climate change is reflecting on our planet. For several years now, in Hidegar laser laser cutting, we are committed to the environment in different ways.

Waste agency

The first of all is that we are members of the Waste Agency which has an agreement with the Ecobaix Group Recycling Company.

Agencia residus hidegar laser

Energía limpia

On the other hand, we guarantee that all the energy we consume in our facilities is clean energy. Given the large volume of machinery and processes we have in the company, it is necessary to have a great electrical consumption. A consumption of which we have been aware at all times and that is why we wanted it to be clean energy.

We attach the certification so you can check it first hand.

In the short and medium term future we are planning to start collaborating with new associations, foundations or companies that follow and pursue an ecological goal in various fields. We are close to reaching a partnership agreement with the organization Your little tree, which aims to plant trees and coservate.