In Hidegar laser, during this first quarter, we had a great volume of production. This has led us to restructure our business as we had planned in the middle of last year. In the middle of last year, we were working on the business (expansion) and budget plan that we would undertake this 2017. The outlook has been very good and for the moment follows the course marked. We have increased our production volume in laser cutting at the same time that we have maintained and improved our quality policy with our customers. Something key and that sets us apart from other competitors.

We increase our workload

Our increase in work has been reflected as we expected in 2016. We all know that an increase in work can lead to loss of quality. This was one of the aspects we worked hard to keep our quality equal or superior. It is very important, given a production demand, to remain leaders in price and quality.

One of the measures we have taken has been to extend the work shifts as well as the workforce. Now we do 3 shifts and on weekends we also work. This has allowed us to grow by maintaining the quality we have been giving our customers and faithfully complying with the delivery deadlines.

We have incorporated young profiles with multidisciplinary experience in our laser cutting machines such as the latest generation fiber laser cutting. This allows you to have a qualified staff and you can rotate in different jobs according to the needs and production volumes.

We counted on and will continue counting on people who can guarantee the quality in laser cut that we have been giving in all our trajectory.

We will continue to grow!