Given the expansion process that we are carrying out (from a few previous months), we have developed a service that helps to cover all the needs of our clients and the sector. These are two services that create a customer facility in terms of qualities and time.

Hidegar 24 hours

It is a service that as well indicates the name, we try in 24 hours. Any customer who asks us for a production that requires in 24 hours, must order before 12.00 and can arrange it from 12:00 the next day in our facilities. This service deals directly with the laser cutting, folding, threaded etc …

Hidegar instant

The service is done instantly. We give priority to all those who require it as a matter of urgency. Once we accept the budget we get to work on it. All the work is done in our facilities and all the equipment involved is dedicated to it. This service is born from the needs of large companies that need to continue their production and not stop their assembly or implementation chains.

The services of Hidegar instant and Hidegar 24 hours have very competitive prices in the market. Our quality of work is what makes us the difference and what makes us to be leaders in the sector of the cut in the matter of guarantee and quality.

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