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Hidegar 24 hours and Hidegar instant – New services

Given the expansion process that we are carrying out (from a few previous months), we have developed a service that helps to cover all the needs of our clients and the sector. These are two services that create a customer facility in terms of qualities and time.

Hidegar 24 hours

It is a service that as well […]

May 16th, 2017|Hidegar làser, News, Services|0 Comments

We maintain and improve our quality in laser cutting

In Hidegar laser, during this first quarter, we had a great volume of production. This has led us to restructure our business as we had planned in the middle of last year. In the middle of last year, we were working on the business (expansion) and budget plan that we would undertake this 2017. The […]

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Hidegar laser has ISO 9001

Many times we hear about ISO certificates and we do not know exactly what it is. That is why today I want to explain how easy it is and that it serves. On many occasions, we have heard for the first time to ISO 9001 when a customer asked us. From here, people have become […]

June 5th, 2015|News, Services|0 Comments

Order your budget in real time

Since the beginning of the month we have implemented a new application for all our customers. By cuttingTool tool may apply for new budgets laser cutting or other services. And all in real time. May be added or machined parts that are required and get a quote.

Certain data such as material, […]

May 21st, 2015|News, Projects, Services|0 Comments

We have a new website!

It must be renewed, and do it in all aspects, always seek the most innovative techniques in the world of the treaty of raw materials to adapt to each project, and in the same way we also renew the digital world, we released new web thanks to Serant Consulting.

We’re also on Facebook and Twitter, so […]

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