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Hidegar laser is a company located in Martorell, in the center of the province of Barcelona. It offers laser cutting services mainly at the same time as plasma cutting, water cutting, tube laser, bending, oxyfuel and surface treatment.

Hidegar expands his business internationally

Since the end of last year, Hidegar laser, a leading company in laser cutting located in Barcelona, ​​has managed to expand its business to new countries located in Africa as well as within the European Community.

Currently Hidegar laser has a great human team that has allowed us to evolve and obtain an efficiency and optimization […]

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Hidegar laser compromised with the environment

In recent years we have seen how the reality of climate change is reflecting on our planet. For several years now, in Hidegar laser laser cutting, we are committed to the environment in different ways.
Waste agency
The first of all is that we are members of the Waste Agency which has an agreement with the Ecobaix […]

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Hidegar 24 hours and Hidegar instant – New services

Given the expansion process that we are carrying out (from a few previous months), we have developed a service that helps to cover all the needs of our clients and the sector. These are two services that create a customer facility in terms of qualities and time.

Hidegar 24 hours

It is a service that as well […]

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We maintain and improve our quality in laser cutting

In Hidegar laser, during this first quarter, we had a great volume of production. This has led us to restructure our business as we had planned in the middle of last year. In the middle of last year, we were working on the business (expansion) and budget plan that we would undertake this 2017. The […]

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Metal recycling

On average, a car manufacturing requires 800 Kg 130 Kg of steel and of other metals. Imagine that all the world manufactures produce cars like those produced in the United States. Iron stores, would be over.

By recycling metals it contributes to not worsen the current pollution of the planet. When we are recycling ferrous […]

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