Since the beginning of the month we have implemented a new application for all our customers. By cuttingTool tool may apply for new budgets laser cutting or other services. And all in real time. May be added or machined parts that are required and get a quote.

Certain data such as material, lengths, thicknesses … After obtaining requested data to calculate a certain operations are performed budget.

The main objective of this tool has been to create a facility to our customers. This way they can autonomously and quickly, getting quotes on jobs that require. Laser cutting , oxyfuel , folded , surface treatment and more.

Thanks to This application has managed to optimize and improve processes within the company since the same tool is linked to the program that manages many of the operations and processes.

How does it work?

If you want to access the application you will have to write an email to requesting a username and password.

Once you are discharged, you can access from HERE