On average, a car manufacturing requires 800 Kg 130 Kg of steel and of other metals. Imagine that all the world manufactures produce cars like those produced in the United States. Iron stores, would be over.

By recycling metals it contributes to not worsen the current pollution of the planet. When we are recycling ferrous materials such as iron in this case, we get down pollution in water, soil, air and everything derived from mineral extraction.

As an example we can say that recycling a soda, we can save enough energy to have a TV on 3 hours. It is a fact that hits you?

In laser Hidegar we have always been committed to recycling of ferrous materials that have not been exploited. Obviously, for this, we have a container where we put all the chips and materials unfit for use and then is recycled. Always small metal fragments appear in the laser cutting that prevent reuse by ourselves. That is why we insert it in a special container that periodically come to collect. In this way, we contribute to the environment and help to not emit more CO2 into the atmosphere.

The steel is a material that can be recycled many times and not just properties lost during the process. As a material that lasts many years, there is a higher demand. The metal recycling process first passes to get the matter. Collecting items that contain metal.

Once obtained are classified according to the type of material you have. For each different type of metal recycling operations are conducted. It notes that many materials contain different chemicals and must be cleared through different processes. These processes can be by chemical elements as smelters at very high temperatures.

We must realize how important it is to recycle. With just this small article I have wanted to show a small touch of what is metal recycling and why it is so important.