In the mid and late 2014, we were working on a new business plan in order to grow in the area of ​​ laser cutting . And not just economically, we mean to grow in all directions. In all this we include the processes, production, personnel, quality, new niches, further internationalization, logistics, process …

To accomplish all this work, earlier this year Javier Arranz joined the business development department. Its main objective has been to see first hand all business processes, to ensure the best product to each of its customers. Javier now can offer any service laser cutting or product, to each of the customers who rely on laser Hidegar.

Javier is working on expansion plans to focus its efforts on new customers. See first hand the needs of each company to provide a solution and quality assurance.

Business development and expansion of a company is always accompanied by challenges and opportunities. Changes required to move forward and opportunities that arise to make changes themselves.

The work being carried out in the company requires more staff. That is why in the coming weeks new people who help carry out expansion plans that have been developed will be incorporated.